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Nature, Wildlife & Birds

Northern Spain has a wealth of natural environments for your to get out into, ranging from coast, wetlands, rivers, forests and mountains.  Wildlife is flourishing aided by proper protection and environmental education.  Birding enthusiasts will find opportunities to spot some harder to find species.   Your custom private escorted Northern Spain tour with us is the best way get closer to our open spaces and their residents.

Nature is never far with over 30 national and regional protected natural areas and more than a dozen UNESCO World Heritage designated Biosphere reserves.   A vast network with a wide variety of ecosystems awaits, from the alpine Picos de Europa to the coastal Islas Atlanticas flagship National Parks, and everything in between.  Getting out for a hike or other activities in these spectacular environments is a real treat.

If wildlife spotting is of interest, opportunities abound in various environments.  European red deer and roe deer are quite common in some areas, with the rutting seasons offering particularly close encounters.  Fox, badgers, ferrets, martens and river otters can also be seen if you know where to look.  The Cantabrian brown bear has mad a huge recovery with a rebounding population.  Carnivores such as the Iberian wolf and the European wildcat can be seen as well, but take a bit more effort, a dose of patience and some luck.  

Birding enthusiasts will find a wide range of both resident and migrant species, some of which are life list holes for many.  Six species of woodpeckers, numerous raptors and alpine species such as the alpine chough, alpine accentor and the wallcreeper can all be found here.

Are you wild about nature?  Get out into it and catch a glimpse of our wildlife and birds on your private, escorted Northern Spain Tour with us.  Your Chief Experience Officer, Charles, will custom design your tour, guided by your interests and tailor an experience that will exceed your expectations.  A Northern Spain nature tour, a Northern Spain wildlife tour or a Northern Spain birding tour can be a focus for your custom tour.  My tour area covers traditional Northern Spain, including the regions of Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Euskadi (Basque Country), Navarra, La Rioja and northern Castilla & Leon (Leon, Palencia and Burgos). 

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