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Food & Wine

Get a deeper understanding of our culinary and wine making traditions as you indulge in two of life's pleasures on your custom private escorted Northern Spain tour with us.  World renowned chefs shine with their Michelin stars, yet deep rooted traditional foods are the real heroes of Northern Spain's gastronomy.  Rioja leads the charge for Spain, but there are more wine areas with outstanding variety, many of the best unknown to most outside Spain.

Food is an important part of life in Spain.  It is a central component of traditional culture and rightfully so.  Meals are  made to be enjoyed slowly in the company family and friends, not on the run.  The geography of the area, with everything from ocean to high mountains, provides the perfect pantry for the freshest, local products including seafood, meats, vegetables, wild mushrooms and game. Love to eat local when you travel?  Tons of variety in Northern Spain from one region to the next.

Rioja and its tempranillo grapes are on most people’s radar, and deservedly so.  Many of our lesser known, yet equally (or more) impressive varieties and wine growing areas will surprise you though if you are an oenophile.  Mencia, prieto picudo or txacoli may not be familiar but you will remember them after your tour.  Throughout history, much of rural Spain has cultivated vineyards and we find a long standing tradition of wine making.   Wineries we can visit range from traditional, small family owned operations to larger state of the art, modern facilities.  

Are food and wine an important part of your travel experiences?  Experience some of the world´s best on your private, escorted Northern Spain Tour with us.  Your Chief Experience Officer, Charles, will custom design your tour, guided by your interests and tailor an experience that will exceed your expectations.  A Northern Spain food tour or a Northern Spain wine tour can be a focus for your custom tour.  My tour area covers traditional Northern Spain, including the regions of Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Euskadi (Basque Country), Navarra, La Rioja and northern Castilla & Leon (Leon, Palencia and Burgos). 

Northern Spain Food & Wine on the Net


Love hearty stews on a cold travel day?  Northern Spain's Atlantic climate (not Mediterranean) means that every region (and many a subregion) has its own hearty dishes to sink your spoon and fork into.  Experience all of them on a food tour of the North (then walk it off with a good hike!)



Cider is a part of life in Asturias, and cider-appreciation is an art form in itself. Most towns and villages have cider-only bars, called sidrerías, and a bottle of cider ... will set you back little more than two euros – and this includes a plate of traditional Spanish tapas – a must if you’re planning to drink more than one bottle.


I absolutely loved my visit to Rías Baixas in Galicia, north west Spain. More than anything I’ll remember the amazing seafood of octopus, delicate prawns, oysters, lobster and razor clams served with chilled, fruity, dynamic white wines from the region.



La Rioja is an incredible region in Northern Spain, famed for its local wine industry. Located close to the Cantabrian Mountains and Elbro Valley, La Rioja boasts diverse scenery such as snow-capped mountains and rolling hills. When it comes to wine tasting in La Rioja, it’s all about color. The area is well known for its memorable views and vibrant red vineyards, as well as its local charm. This is because the La Rioja wine region mostly features small wineries and traditional cellars.



The wild and rocky landscape in Galicia stretches around the north-west corner of Spain, a vast spread lucious green forested river valleys called rias. The towns, hewn out of solid limestone, are for the most part very sleepy, except for during the fiestas when locals swarm into town squares and tapas bars in search of fun, food and beverage.



The general manager of Bodegas Ramón Bilbao is young, female and shaking things up in the traditionally male-dominated wine industry.



San Sebastian, Spain is the world city with the most to offer food-minded tourists. It takes more than Michelin-starred restaurants to make a city a great destination for food. Indeed, the Caterwings study used various criteria to take a snapshot of the food scene in thousands of cities worldwide in order to draw up its list of the 100 best cities for food.