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Rural & City

Your custom private escorted Northern Spain tour with us is your best option for going from urban to bucolic in no time.   Northern Spain offers stark contrasts between its vibrant historic cities and the bucolic rural areas.  The cities here are generally easy to walk and offer the services you would expect from any modern city.  The rural areas get you away from the hubbub and closer to the tranquility many seek.   

Bilbao, San Sebastian and Santiago have each secured their spot in the hearts of international travelers.  A handful of lesser known, yet just as interesting, cities also provide great anchors for tours depending on your interests and goals.  Cities offer a variety of options from historic centers, to world class museums, and modern expansions with unique contemporary architecture.  The city allows you to experience the regional culture of each area in a urban setting, but in a more subdued manner.

Juxtaposed we quickly encounter the rural side of Northern Spain with its rustic details, verdant pastoral areas and less eroded cultural identity.  In the green hills framed by the mountains and the ocean we find traditional ways of life and architecture that speaks through its stone and wood elements.

Do you love the bustle of the city but also the tranquility of rural areas? Enjoy both on your private, escorted Northern Spain Tour with us.  Your Chief Experience Officer, Charles, will custom design your tour, guided by your interests and tailor an experience that will exceed your expectations.  A Northern Spain rural tour or a Northern Spain city tour can be a focus for your custom tour.  My tour area covers traditional Northern Spain, including the regions of Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Euskadi (Basque Country), Navarra, La Rioja and northern Castilla & Leon (Leon, Palencia and Burgos). 

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